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Fourways Crossing has eight exhibition courts... With an average of approximately 240 000 cars through the centre, you can rest assure that your services and / or products will enjoy the necessary exposure!

All exhibitions commence on a Tuesday and end the following Monday.
Rules and Regulations Apply. Prices can change at any given moment and all prices are exclusive of VAT.


Surrounding Stores:

Fournos Court:

6 x 6

Volpes and Bootleggers lifts

Coricraft Court:

3 x 4

Volpes and Bootleggers lifts

Kingsmead Court:

6 x 6

Kingsmead and Rage

Pick n Pay Court:

6 x 6

iFix and Typo

Sportsmans Warehouse:

6 x 6

Home Etc and Typo

Wimpy Courts:

6 x 6

Loads of living and Specsavers

ToysRus Court:

6 x 6

Mr Price Sport and Apparel

Parking Area:

6 parking bays
All Exhibitors must provide Fourways Crossing with proof of Public Liability Insurance.
*prices can change or increase at any given time

Please contact Fourways Crossing marketing for additional information or to make a booking.
Contact Person:

Larissa Pillay


011 465 9208


011 465 0984


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Monday - Friday:
Public holidays
9am - 6pm
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