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rules & regulations
  • Centre Promotions enjoy preference, and should it be so required, other exhibitions and promotions will be re-scheduled.
  • Tenant Exhibitions enjoy preference over exhibition by non-competitive outside companies, but once an outside company's exhibition has been confirmed, it will not be cancelled to accommodate a tenant.
  • Centre Management and Mustard Seed Relationship marketing will not be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring for any reason whatsoever, during exhibitions.
  • The fee per stand is set out in the confirmation document, which also defines the specific exhibition area. Payment for exhibitions is payable in advance by means of direct deposits or EFT's.
  • The fittings or finishes of the Centre, for example pot plants, lampposts, walls, shop fronts, water features, etc. may not be used by exhibitors as display structures or support. The use of screen boards (of maximum heights as indicated in the defined exhibition floor plans) will be allowed for this purpose. The exhibitor may remove NO standing street furniture (for example dustbins or fixed benches).
  • In the case of audio appliances or equipment that causes auditory interference, exhibitors are to consider the interest of surrounding tenants and the public, i.e. volume levels are to be kept within reasonable limits. These limits will be set by Centre Management who reserve the right to restrict or prevent audio broadcasting if it considers this necessary will set these limits. The exhibitor will be called upon to effect certain improvements, should the exhibitor fail to do so the exhibition will be cancelled.
  • All exhibition areas are to be cleared on the last day of exhibiting by 18:00.
  • All storage or packing material for example cardboard boxes, must be removed from the exhibition site, or concealed from view.
  • All exhibitions must comply with Municipal safety regulations as well as those that may be required by Centre Management. All claims by the public for loss or injury will have to be borne by the Exhibitor.
  • When a vehicle is required to be part of an exhibition, the exhibitor should organise both accesses in and out of the Centre the Centre Management.
  • No surveys may be done inside or outside the Centre without prior arrangement with Centre Management.
  • All exhibitions must be accompanied by printed or professional quality signage presented on a stand.
  • The signage should be done in such a way that there is no doubt as to the current exhibitor's identity or in the case of a tenant exhibition, where the shop is situated in the Centre and what it offers. (Signage and stand is subject to Centre Management approval)
  • All tables used during exhibitions must be covered with neat tablecloths, which must reach floor level. Collapsible tables are to be used exclusively, and are to be removed from the exhibition site overnight.
  • All exhibitors must supply their own exhibition material, for example tables, tablecloths, chairs, screen boards, etc.
  • All exhibitions are subject to spot checks and inspections.
  • The landlord reserves the right to cancel or relocate any exhibition and may ask any exhibitor to change or remove any exhibition material.
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